Polish-born DJ Magda has come a long way from immigrating to the US as a young child with her family to escape martial law. Ending up in Detroit, she eventually found her way to the underground techno parties, where she realized her passion for DJing. After being a part of Detroit’s all-women collective, Women On Wax, she was picked up by Richie Hawtin’s label, Minus, where she worked with Hawtin until starting her own label with Troy Pierce and Marc Houle, Items & Things.


Earlier this month, during Caprices Festival in Switzerland, Magda spun an exclusive set 2,000 feet above Zürich in a hot air balloon. Although only 15 lucky guests were able to fit on the actual balloon with Magda as she kicked off her new concept, MDRNTY+, anyone can get an incredibly immersive experience of the full set through stunning 360 degree video.


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